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June 30, 2023

3 Series to Binge Watch with Your Roommate This Weekend in Dubai

3 Series to Binge Watch with Your Roommate This Weekend in Dubai

So, you’re with your roommate in Dubai and among the many things young bachelors like you could do around the lavish city and insanely huge malls, you decide to stay home. No problem with that. Actually, staying home with your roommate is just another way to enjoy the time you have with them. And what better way to do that than doing the classic activities, binge watching an entire season of awesome Netflix TV Shows. It’s simple too, all you need is a computer, Netflix subscription and of course, your roommate. Here are some series you should binge watch with your roommate in Dubai.

Peaky Blinders

Dubai, known as the city of riches, where the luxurious and glamorous come in herds for vacation and to showcase their fast cars, nice jewelry all in style. And what better series than Peaky Blinders to complete that feeling of making you feel like you are on top of your world.

Follow the dealings of the Peaky Blinders gang as they attempt to conquer Birmingham and more, the old-fashioned way. A classic tale of old school gangsters back in the day told with cinematographic finesse like you’ve never seen before.

Orange is the New Black

Not into the whole gangster scene? That’s okay. Orange is the New Black is another perfect show that you should binge watch with your roommate. There’s never been a drama quite like this one and you’ll get immersed into the charming characters and the gripping plot of the main characters. Having been critically acclaimed and also airing its 4th season for Netflix subscribers all around the world, this TV show is packed with the length and quality of content to satisfy your binge-watching itch with your roommate.


You can’t suggest TV shows to binge watch and not include FRIENDS, can you? I mean, it’s an all-time classic, especially when you’re watching it with someone in your studio apartments. The nostalgia factor, the iconic comedy style of the mischievous group of characters that you and your friends already know and love. What’s not to love about this sitcom masterpiece?

And if you’re one of the people that haven’t watched this yet, your friends will envy you as you laugh out loud for the first time at the funny quips and witty remarks thrown at each of the characters.

There’s practically an unlimited supply of TV Shows that you have access to; all from intense dramas all the way to cartoons. And taking a day off from your bachelor lifestyle or student life to just sit back with a friend or roommate to watch it, especially in Dubai of all places, is a perfectly good day spent. It’ a good way to recharge yourself before partying it out in the clubs and streets during the day and night of this bustling rich city. Other noteworthy TV shows are, How I Met your mother, Hawaii 5-0, Game of Thrones, and Walking Dead, among many other fantastic TV shows to watch.

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